“Thank you for the annual update. We’re very pleased with the progress and look forward to marketing the service to our providers. Thank you all for a great first year. We’re very impressed and enjoy working with you!  The physicians are very happy that we didn’t shutdown our Therapy.

Director of Operations, ME

“With Ancillary Care Strategies, you always know what’s happening from a regulatory and compliance standpoint. If something new on the regulatory front is emerging, they make sure you and your staff are well-prepared. In addition, I really like the way ACS works with our physician ownership, practice administration and clinicians to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. If a challenge arises, the ACS team is right there with answers and solutions.”

Practice Administrator, AZ

 “Thank you for the analysis. I think a lot of the credit goes to our Regional Director for her excellent coaching and mentoring in the billing and compliance areas of our work. We’re looking forward to even greater gains as we sort out some of our productivity issues in the next several months.”

Chief Operating Officer, CA

 “Ancillary Care Strategies helped us create and operate four highly effective and efficient PT/OT facilities. Thanks to ACS, our therapy offices are well-integrated with our orthopedic practice to provide continuous, coordinated and timely care for our patients resulting in excellent clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction. ACS did not provide a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but remained flexible to build a program around our goals of quality, efficiency, compliance, and profitability.”

Executive Director, PA

“Contacting you was probably the best advice I have received in a while. Thank you so much.”

Practice Administrator, CA

“I appreciate Ancillary Care Strategies beyond words! ACS guided our practice through every step of the process and has helped us to have an amazing therapy department – happy patients with excellent outcomes. The most difficult step of starting in-house therapy was the decision to actually proceed!”

Practice Administrator, AZ

 “I want to thank everyone at ACS for the extra effort recently (contracting, etc.) We are very happy with the way things are going.”

Executive Director, CA

“I don’t know why anyone would start a PT program without you.”

Practice Administrator, AZ

 “Thank you for the data and explanation. Very good work! I just want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts and working with a professional organization such as yours!”

Executive Director, PA

Your work for us was stellar.”

EK, Executive Director, ID

“Thank you again for including me in the annual conference. I love seeing old friends and meeting new members. I come back energized and ready to try out everything I’ve learned. Needless to say, grabbing an awesome treatment table made my year! I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate, and I’ve already started working on what I might be able to present next year.”

 DN, Physical Therapist, CA

“Please know that all your hard work and efforts were definitely worthwhile. It was so energizing being around great people doing great things! Thanks again.”

 BK, Physical Therapist, KS

“Once again, a fantastic experience. You do a great job of organizing a very beneficial weekend for all of us. Thank you so much!”

GB, Director of Rehabilitation, NC

“I just wanted to thank everyone at ACS for the conference this weekend – from the networking, vendors and presentations to the food, everything was great, as always. Thank you for the continued support of myself and all the therapists and for the opportunity to work with all of you. I really appreciate everything that you do for me and for the clinic. Thank you a million times.”

Therapy Director, AZ

“Please know how much I appreciate how much effort goes into this weekend and how much I get out of it each year. Thank you so much! Each of you!”

AW, Director of Therapy, KS

“Thank you for making it an enjoyable weekend and bringing clinical aspects into it. It was great to meet you all and thank you also for giving us time to enjoy Arizona!”

 AL, Physical Therapist, CA

“Great conference – I think the best that I have attended to date. You all did a great job!”

RY, Director of Rehab, OR

“Thank you very much for this opportunity to meet and network with others doing the same jobs! I’d like to get a list of participants to contact some of the folks dealing with similar issues.”

NU, Occupational Therapist, IL

 “Thank you! I had a wonderful time at the conference!”

LB, Physical Therapist, KS

“This conference was great! Thank you.”

CN, Certified Hand Therapist, AZ

I just wanted to let you both know it is such a pleasure working with you.  I am so thankful that you guys have come to help us out!  Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance.  I am learning so much from you.  You are MUCH appreciated.

Nurse, NE

We have been through a lot, more than even I could have imagined, but all of our hard work and perseverance has finally been noticed and recognized.  I am sure there will be many more battles and WTF moments to come but you all have given me the tools to pull through.  I am a better manager and person because of all of you.  I look forward to making our organization Great Again!

JH, Site Coordinator and Manager, OH

Being on my first “kaizen” event was empowering and an eye-opener.  I can honestly say, I never looked at my work environment the same.

Event participant, IL

After my first Lean event, I was immediately sucked into the methods and tools on solving a problem.  I was so invigorated by this process I wanted others to gain the knowledge and/or opportunity utilizing Lean methods and tools in their personal and professional lives.

Site lean facilitator, IL

Post-training question:  how will you apply this information in your clinic?

  • Already have at least 6 areas that I need to use Management by Fact
  • Become even more data-driven to solve problems
  • Not jump to conclusions, plot, plot, plot
  • Understanding how better to speak to physicians
  • The transition from emotional to objective responses and decisions as a leader.
  • Will use the A3 problem-solving tool in my clinic

I just wanted to provide some feedback on Henry and how he handled the Bracing Lean Event.  Henry made this event efficient, effective and fun.  He had command of the room and the team without “being commanding.”  He was focused, knowledgeable and engaging.  This was a challenging task and Henry was more than up to the challenge.  He validated my decision to request that he lead this event. 

I will send a separate email with my thoughts on the overall event (all positive), but I wanted you to know what an exceptional job Henry did. 

SC, Operations Director, NE

Laurie, Thank you for believing in me and taking me under your wing.  With your support, I once again enjoy going to work every day and knowing I am making a difference.

JH, Manager, OH

Conference Speaker

This was the best session I have attended so far and I am a little overwhelmed with such kindness from Laurie and the Ancillary team! 

 LA, Call Center Supervisor, OH

I just finished and think it is good to go! I just made a few minor tweaks. Nothing huge. It was outstanding to begin with. Wouldn’t expect anything less from you ????. I can’t thank you enough for helping us through this process. I truly appreciate the time you have spent with myself and the staff. You are pretty awesome!

BT, Practice Supervisor, AZ

Thank you for your time here. You have shown endless energy for your work, compassion for every team member and passion for the organization. Your desire for improving the organization – making it a stronger employer, improving its processes, and making each team member an integral part of these improvements – has been evident from my first day. Thank you for your support of me personally, and for supporting many people who have never had the opportunity to personally meet you.

HR Generalist, AZ

Since my first introduction to ACS, the team has been of the highest caliber, professional, knowledgeable and leading by inspiring growth and continuous improvement.  I benefitted personally and professionally from them.  They provided exceptional value and the results are both immediate as well as providing longer term impact. 

HR Director, AZ

Please know that I am very appreciative of all your hard work to keep the morale up at our company  You have given a lot of people hope and you have been the voice for those that do not have a voice or whom are afraid to voice their concerns. You truly are an amazing leader. You have made a huge impact on improving the culture here.  The core values and empathetic culture that you have shared with our group means so much!

Case Manager, AZ

You are incredible to work with.

Quality Improvement Facilitator, OR

  • You just get things done and I appreciate that.
  • “Awesome ability to identify long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.”
  • “Laurie helps to unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. Helping them to learn rather than just teaching them.”

“You know EXACTLY what needs to be worked on, what needs to be improved and how to get to where it needs to be!”

Service Line Director, IL


6900 E. Camelback Rd.

Suite 850

Scottsdale, AZ  85251



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