Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two powerful resources to minimize waste and reduce medical errors in every process and procedure. Utilizing LEAN in the healthcare space allows us to minimize waste in every process, procedure and task through an ongoing system of improvement. Whereas, with Six Sigma it is usually used in tandem with LEAN to create improvements. Specifically, Six Sigma is a metrics-driven system used to reduce medical errors and remove defects from processes involved in delivering care. Think about this as being an opportunity to clean up all aspects of your business.


ACS has the experience of working with a variety of organization sizes and types. We recognized the incredible need to bring world-class improvement methodology to smaller and mid-size companies in a way that could be applied afford. Our business objective is to bring Six Sigma methodology and Process Improvement to small and mid-sized companies with the same level of expertise for which many large companies and systems have invested millions of dollars. We will bring our proven ACS reputation, integrity and results-driven approach to drive improvement and optimization.

The Medical Practice environment has unique challenges and needs. Our team includes one of the early pioneers of lean transformation within the Medical Practice. We are seasoned and experienced in the Toyota Production System Methodology (LEAN) as well as Six Sigma practices. Our Ancillary Care Strategies Operating System (ACSOS) is our tried and true business system that we share with and teach to the leaders and members of your organization. By developing a culture of data-based decision makers and problem solvers, our objective is to develop the human capital in your organization needed to drive growth while eliminating waste and improving your value proposition. We bring on-site workshops and activities to teach the tools and develop the team as well as formal training in the latest in improvement methodology certification programs tailored to your organization needs. Physician Satisfaction and Work-Life Quality is a critical priority with our approach.

Improving patient satisfaction, scheduling appointments, decreasing overtime work, processing paperwork and increasing clinic revenues are just a sampling of the areas where various healthcare facilities are implementing LEAN strategies.

Our program includes the following

Organizational Change

  • Lean Enterprise or Site Transformation
  • Development of Our Client’s Business Management System For Leaders
  • Executive “Mission Control” Room Set-Up and Leader Standard Work
  • Strategic Planning (3 and 5 Year Planning
  • Organizational Structure and Design

Process Improvement

Lean and Six Sigma Training

  • On-Site Workshops and Activities To Learn The Tools, and Develop The Team
  • Formal Training In The Latest In Improvement Methodology
  • Certification Programs Tailored To Your Organization Needs

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